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"Discover Ageno: An Inspiring Tale of Hope and Resilience"

  • Dive into the captivating world of Ageno, a transformative and uplifting children's story by acclaimed author Lilian Okech. Embark on a journey with Ageno, a young girl from an African village, as she navigates a new life in America.
  • ​Facing challenges at her new school and enduring the loneliness of being far from home, she discovers the strength within her through the inspirational tales of her royal African ancestry.
  • ​"Ageno," meaning "hope," is not just a story about overcoming adversity; it's about embracing one's roots and shining in the face of adversity. Join Ageno as she learns to be proud of who she is and who she can become. Let the tale of Ageno inspire hope, resilience, and confidence in the hearts of young readers worldwide.
  • ​Unearth the magic of self-belief, the power of cultural heritage, and the beauty of resilience in the face of adversity. Order your copy today and step into Ageno's world of hope.

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