Uncover Your Potential, Validate Your Ideas, Implement with Confidence, and Master Your Success

Discover Your Path: Navigating Lilian's Four Stages of Personal and Professional Growth

The journey towards personal and professional growth isn't always straightforward, but Lilian's four-stage process helps to make this journey clearer and more achievable. It's designed to meet you where you are and guide you towards where you want to be.

In the Initial Awareness stage, you'll gain clarity about your passions, strengths, and interests, turning restlessness into purposeful action. Moving into the Exploration & Validation phase, you'll test your ideas, understand their potential, and set achievable goals. With a validated idea, you'll transition into the Implementation & Growth stage where you'll acquire essential skills, develop your roadmap, and overcome hurdles with expert support. Finally, the Mastery & Expansion phase will see you expanding your horizons, diversifying your offerings, and navigating complex challenges with ease and confidence. With a tailored set of questions for each stage, you can better understand where you currently stand and which stage you're ready to embark on next. Let this process guide you towards your fullest potential and greatest success.

stage 1


At this level, clients feel unfulfilled or unsettled in their current situations, but they don't exactly know what their true passions or desired directions are. To solve this problem, Lilian offers activities for self-reflection and one-on-one counseling sessions to help clients discover their passions, strengths, and interests.

Respond to the following questions to see if this is you...

1. Are you feeling unfulfilled in your current role or life situation?
2. Do you feel like there is more you want to do or achieve, but you're unsure what that is?
3. Are you unsure of your true passions or areas of interest?
4. Do you feel restless or unsettled and can't quite pinpoint why?
5. Are you interested in exploring new opportunities but don't know where to start?
6. Are you eager to make a change in your life, but feel stuck or uncertain?



In this stage, clients have identified possible passions or business ideas but are unsure if these ideas are feasible or how to proceed with them. Lilian helps solve this problem by offering workshops, courses, and personalized counseling to validate clients' ideas, understand the market situation, and set initial goals.

Respond to the following questions to see if this is you...

1. Have you identified a potential passion or business idea, but you're unsure if it's viable?
2. Are you looking for guidance on how to explore and validate new ideas or opportunities?
3. Are you unsure of how to set initial goals for your ideas?
4. Do you need help understanding the dynamics of a new market or industry?
5. Do you lack confidence in the direction you're considering and seek professional advice?
6. Are you looking to gain a deeper understanding of the potential of your ideas?

Which Stage Are You???

stage 3


At this level, clients are prepared to act on their ideas but may lack the necessary knowledge or resources to effectively launch and grow. Lilian solves this problem by offering comprehensive training programs, resources, and mentoring to help clients create a strategy, learn necessary skills, and overcome challenges.

Respond to the following questions to see if this is you...

1. Are you ready to take action on your passion or business idea, but feel you lack the necessary knowledge?
2. Are you in need of resources or support to launch your ideas effectively?
3. Do you need assistance in developing a roadmap for your new venture?
4. Are you facing challenges in the initial stages of your venture that you're unsure how to overcome?
5. Do you feel like you're struggling to see growth in your new venture?
6. Are you interested in learning new skills that can help you grow your business or passion project?



At this stage, clients have achieved initial success but want to expand or diversify their business or face more complex challenges. Lilian provides advanced counseling services to help these clients strategize for expansion, diversify their offerings, and navigate complicated business challenges. She also connects clients with a broader network of experts and resources for ongoing success and growth.

Respond to the following questions to see if this is you...

1. Have you achieved initial success but are now looking to expand or diversify?
2. Are you facing more complex challenges in your venture and need expert advice?
3. Do you feel ready to take your venture to the next level but are unsure of the best strategies?
4. Are you looking for ways to diversify your offerings but don't know where to start?
5. Do you need help navigating complex business scenarios or strategies?
6. Are you seeking connections with a broader network of experts and resources for your venture?

Which Stage Are You???

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