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Gain access to more than 200 Soft Skills and Work Related courses.

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PRICE FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY.... Gain access to more than 200 Soft Skills and Work Related courses. This price is locked in as long as you continue your membership. A lapse will revert to the normal price at that time.

Discovering Your Purpose: A Journey of Self-Reflection and Goal Setting


Embark on a transformative journey with Lilian Okech's "Discover Your Purpose" program. Spread across eight weeks, this program is thoughtfully designed to intertwine learning with application, ensuring participants not only understand the theory behind finding their life's purpose but also get hands-on experience in practicing it. Through a blend of introspective exercises, group workshops, and actionable tasks, participants will uncover their innate strengths, passions, and vision, culminating in a tangible action plan to infuse purpose into their everyday life.

Cleaning Certification Program


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Price expires on Feb 29, 2024.